Packing Services

Packing Trip Services

Car Shuttle: If you want to plan a one-way pack trip, we can meet you at your trail, get you started on your way, then drive your vehicle to the end point destination of your trip. We need to meet you there anyway, to bring the llamas home. Cost for this service will be minimal, depends on driving distance from Grass Valley where our ranch is located. Copy of your current vehicle insurance policy and liability release required.

Food Drop: If you want to Travel Light we can meet you at a designated campsite part way during your pack trip with a resupply of food and fuel. Fee depends on distance from accessible trailhead, elevation gain, driving distance from Grass Valley. Let us know your planned need via email, we will work out an itinerary, cost, and send it back to you. We enjoy packing with our llamas, this would give us an opportunity for a trip of our own. This service is offered to backpackers as well as llama rental clients. It would give you the option of traveling with reduced weight, fewer llamas needed.

Packing Trips

Llama packing trips are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make for a memorable vacation experience.