Welcome to the llama rental site for Highland Llama Trekkers. Our goal for the last 18 years has been to selectively breed and train the very best pack llamas with a variety of genetics. We have been successful in producing a series of the finest packers, all of amiable, companion-quality temperament. Through careful selection, our breeding llamas now consistently produce Classic fiber, Ccara size and movement, and some show Champions, proving their excellent conformation. Now we would like to share our llamas’ excellent genetics with you.

All are halter trained at two months and trail trained after weaning at seven months. Males are pack trained at three to four years of age.

We guarantee customer satisfaction and give continual support and advice for owners new to llamas. Come visit or plan a day for a hike on local trails with some of our beauties. We offer Packing, Grooming, and Training seminars at $100 per day, with free child admission. We are located in Grass Valley, California, 95945.

Packing Trips

Llama packing trips are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make for a memorable vacation experience.