Llama Packing

Pack Llama Rentals

Our trail experienced llamas are available for personal trips into the numerous areas that are within our own experience. We need to know that there will be adequate grass available for grazing near camping sites. You will need to know many skills necessary for their proper care. Participation in a Training Trek is required, and can be arranged for dates of your choice. Llamas do not travel alone; minimum of two. We are located in Grass Valley, California, 95945.

Llamas each require a pound of pelleted feed for each day to maintain energy. They have their own necessary gear; long tie out rope and stakes, water dishes, feed pans, rake, tarp to cover saddles at night, first aid kit. We limit their final packed weight to 60 pounds plus saddle. The percentage of that weight that can be your own gear varies with length of the trip and number of llamas. When you have those two variables planned, we can give you the weight limit for your gear. We provide all of their equipment.

We will transport llamas to your trailhead, $1 per mile round trip, plan our own shorter trip, and be there to transport them home.

Fire permits are required for using a camp stove, fishing permits and any required wilderness permits are your responsibility.

Packing Trips

Llama packing trips are a great way to enjoy the outdoors and make for a memorable vacation experience.